Cochran’s Ski Area Winter Operation Protocols for COVID-19

Cochran’s Ski Area will make every effort to communicate plans and requirements to guests prior to guest arrival via digital communication channels such as website, email and social media. Communications will stress that guests have a shared responsibility for keeping themselves, other guests and employees healthy. Guests will be made aware of their obligations to self-screen for symptoms and stay home when they are sick, follow state travel restrictions; respect other guests and employees; wear facial coverings except when seated and eating/drinking, maintain recommended physical distancing from other groups and practice good hygiene, including frequent washing/sanitizing of hands.

Cochran’s will implement measures, including signage, point-of-sale notifications, and registration processes, that reinforce that the business/activities are open with specific guidelines to help keep people safe.

There will be clearly visible signage in all areas frequented by guests with CDC, State health and safety requirements, sanitation protocols – including registration, check in, activity start points and other public areas.

Operations and Physical Distancing Plan

  • All CDC, OSHA or State guidelines for physical distancing followed for employees and facilitated for guest queuing, activities, facilities.

Day-Use Lodge

The lodge will be open for warming up including restrooms. Masks must be worn by all guests and staff in the lodge. Lodge capacity will be reduced to maintain 6-foot physical distance between traveling parties. Signs will be posted at all entrances clearly indicating that anyone with symptoms of respiratory illness or who has been exposed to another person known to have COVID-19 may not enter. Food will not be served in the lodge. The snack bar will be open from the outside deck and all eating/drinking will occur outside.

Ticket Sales

  • Contactless reservation, purchase and other processes are recommended whenever possible.
  • Sneeze guards will be installed at all in-person points of sale and outside- facing ticket windows will be used for on-site purchases whenever possible.

Rental Equipment

  • Cochran’s will not be able to provide day-of walk-in rentals this season. However rental equipment will be available for lesson programs and school programs.
  • Contactless reservation and purchase processes will be used whenever possible.
  • Equipment pick up and drop off processes will allow for recommended physical distancing.
  •  Equipment rented to guests will be cleaned and disinfected prior to use by the next guest.
  • Snackbar employees and management will serve as safety officers, on hand to ensure compliance and actively manage capacity.
  • Masks must be worn by all guests and staff in the lodge 

Cochran’s Ski School/Children’s Programs

Programs will follow the State of Vermont’s Childcare and Out-of-School-Care- Guidance. 

  • Use online reservation processes.
  • Conduct staff training on touchless teaching techniques.
  • Utilize tactics such as staggered start / end times and dispersed line ups to help guests and staff to physically distance as recommended.
  • Limit group class sizes to allow for physical distancing.
  • Offer lesson/experience products tailored to individual family groups

Cochran’s Ski Patrol

  • Will follow guidance from National Ski Patrol (NSP), VDH and/or EMS

Reservation Policy

  • Cochran’s shall offer lenient cancellation policies to discourage guests who are sick or those impacted by covid.

Employee Training and Education Plan

  • Postings in all employee entrances and work areas with CDC, OSHA and State requirements related to safety, health, cleaning/disinfection, self-
    monitoring, compliance and enforcement. 
  • All CDC, OSHA or State guidelines for physical distancing followed for employees and facilitated for guest queueing, activities, facilities.
  •  Employee locker rooms, break rooms and designated common areas will have limited occupancy. Shift start times will be staggered to avoid employee gathering. High-touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Use of shared workstations is discouraged; at minimum, area will be cleaned and disinfected before the next employee use.
  • Employees who are not essential to work on site will follow state guidelines for remote work.
  • All employees will receive CDC, OSHA and State-required training during onboarding (including proper distancing, hand washing, PPE use and disposal, cleaning and disinfecting, COVID symptoms and stay home (or go home) when sick following CDC, VOSHA and industry best practices. At minimum, training to cover the VOSHA Protecting the Health and Safety of Workers content.
  • Employees must pass pre-shift health screenings and obtain PPE necessary for their job duties.  Symptomatic employees should not report to work and will be immediately sent home.
  • Employees will be required to wear PPE and face coverings as required by ACCD/VDH guidelines and maintain proper distancing.
    • Employees will have easy and frequent access to soap and water or hand sanitizer.
    • Cochran’s will have a designated health and safety officer on-site who monitors and has the authority to stop or modify activities to ensure compliance with mandatory health and safety requirements.

Health Monitoring Policy for Employees

Employee screening questions:  

  • Safety/Health officer monitors PPE, procedural compliance and illness
    reporting. Employees who become symptomatic while at work are to immediately report this to safety/health officer. VDH guidance will be followed if an employee becomes symptomatic on site.
  •  If an employee tests positive for COVID, VDH guidance will be followed, including gathering appropriate information for contact tracing, supporting employees asked to stay home from work and CDC guidance for cleaning and disinfecting the workplace.

Seasonal Workers

Cochran’s Ski Area will not be hosting or housing long-term seasonal workers who travel to Vermont.

Out-of-State Staffing

Cochrans Ski Area will not require any out-of-state staff to safely operate the resort.

Health Monitoring Policy for Contractors

Cochran’s rarely employs in-state or out-of-state contractors, but if necessary for operation, Contractors will be required to follow these guidelines:

  • Contractors will be provided a ski area COVID Response Plan detailing personal hygiene, self-health checks, PPE, and physical distancing policies prior to arrival and again upon arrival.
  • Mandatory daily self-health check: Safety/Health officer documents, daily, for contractors while working on site.
  • Safety/Health officer to document reported illnesses for contact tracing and assess general contractor compliance.
  • Contractors must follow all PPE and protocols for employees including ACCD, VDH and VOSHA requirements, and pass daily health screening.
  • Contractors must take online VOSHA training and provide host ski area with the certificate of completion for each worker to be kept on file.