Cochran’s Ski Club

Cochran’s Ski Club is dedicated to providing ski race training opportunities to children ages 6 and up in a family oriented environment. Club kids should demonstrate an outward interest in ski racing and have at least advanced beginner ski skills. In addition to training and competition, the club engages in a wide variety of related social activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. We encourage every child to participate in some races, regardless of their ski racing ability. We strive to give club kids a sense of accomplishment through improvement in their skiing skills in the context of ski racing. In reaching these objectives we never overlook the fact that the purpose of ski racing or of any competitive sport is to have fun!  Our philosophy: The Cochran Way

Cochran’s Ski Club accepts tax-deductible donations to our Financial Assistance Program, or General Fund.  Cochran’s Ski Club, PO Box 104, Richmond, VT  05477.  Thank you.

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