Nordic X

Sunday, April 8th 2018…          Sign Up Here
  • A festive and competitive citizens Nordic Ski Cross Race for all ages. Hilarious, challenging and loads of fun!
  • Challenge your speed going uphill, downhill, through slalom gates, over jumps, and obstacles.
  • Spectator friendly! Don’t want to race? Come watch and bring the whole family!!!
  • FREE pancake feast with hot Cochran’s Slopeside Syrup for all competitors.
  • Interval start in waves of 5. Seeding based on ability, age and gender. Shorter course for kids, 12yr. and under.
  • Prizes for top three in all age categories.
  • Cost Per Racer:  $25 (All ages. Entry includes pancake feast with Cochran’s Slopeside Syrup)
  • Start Time Kids: 11am
  • Start Time Adults: 12:30pm
  • Elite 8 Head to Head 3:00pm top 8 men and top 8 women after main race go again… head to head. Winner take all!

This is Cochran’s Ski Area’s last big event of the season. Come celebrate your passion for skiing, your love of Cochran’s and the embrace spring, on Nordic skis!

Questions? Contact:

Pennie Rand
Phone: 802-373-7204

Jimmy Cochran
Email: jimmy at
Phone: 802-310-8500